Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Anilao, Philippines

Located 3 hours drive south of Manila, a hidden muck diving paradise, especially for nudibranches, crabs, shrimps, sea horses and other critters. Anilao has been on the top of world best muck diving site. And I could confirmed that, after being dove in Lembeh, Ambon, Mabul and Bali. :-) 

Down to the seaside
I took the opportunity to dive here on my way back from Palau. We booked ourselves in Club Ocellaris with a recommendation from Jeff a well known photographer from Philippines. This resort has beautiful rooms with balcony facing the sea and rooms built under the shade of trees. Their service was excellent, all we need is to suit up and step into the dive boat. The crew will carry our dive equipment including our camera into the boat. Food was delicious too. This place is built for divers! The location is just nice in between the north site and south dive sites. It just takes 20 mins most to get to the further dive site. The only down side is the stairs going up to the rooms and the rocky sea side, no beach.

Dive boat
Diving in Anilao is all about a good dive guide, a good dive guide is someone who knows how and where to find rare critters, who will not rush in the dive and give a photographer plenty of time to compose. In Ocellaris, the dive guide are catered for photographer. They are excellent! I have got lots of good photos because of them.

We only dive for 3 days but we packed 4 dives in one day (max) with an average dive time of 70mins. :-) I know, we are hard core divers! We dive in Kirby's rock, Twin Rock, Caban Bay, Basura(surprisingly not up to the mark), Cathedral and others, the highlight was the Anilao Pier night dives. I just can't get enough of it! Non stop actions! The octopus were just posing for us.

Diving in Anilao is easy, not much of current in most macro sites. The water can be cold, that's the only thing that kept me out of water after 70 mins. :-) I will definately go back again. Unfortunately I got an update while I wrote this, the resort has not been taken care off and the condition is run down. What a pitty!

Travel date :  17- 21 Nov 2010
Travel route : SG -F-> Manila
Accommodation and diving : Club Ocellaris (http://clubocellaris.com/ClubO_Web/Home.html)
Type of diving : Muck, reef
Water temperature : 25-28°C
Best time to dive : Best diving season is between November and May, Jan and Feb being the coldest months and Apr and May being the most crowded months.

 -F-> Flight -B-> Boat
Chromodoris lochi
Nembrotha chamberlaini
Flabellina exoptata
Glossodoris Atromarginata

Spider crab-Hoplophrys oatesii
Periclimenes amboinensis
Juvenil fish
Vir Philippinensis
Porcelain crab
Harlequin shrimp
Squat lobster
Periclimenes imperator

Zebra crab
Pompom crab
Fire Dart fish
Juvenil Sweetlips
Juvenil filefish
Coleman shrimp
Periclimenes holthuisi
Periclimenes imperator

Phyllidia ocellata
Chelidonura varians
Glossodoris cincta
Chromodoris Annae
Halgerda malesso
Yellow ribbon eel
Periclimenes kororensis
Periclimenes imperator
Pontonides unciger
Hippocampus bargibanti
Snake eel
Snake eel

Juvenil Octopus

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