Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seven Skies Wreck, Indonesia

Seven Skied superstructure
The Seven Skies wreck was a 90000 ton supertanker that sank near the area of Anambas Islands, east of Tioman Island.  In 1969, she suffered an explosion and sank to the bottom of 67m. She is sitting upright on a sandy patch with the entire superstructure still intact but tanker section has collapsed. The top of the superstructure is at about 30m and the top of the funnel at 22m. For many divers, this is the only section they get to see when diving this site. 

The only way to get there is by LOB. From Singapore, I took MV Whitemanta over a weekend trip to this dive site. As the wreck is in Indonesian water, we need to clear Indonesian customs at Batam. We sailed all night to arrive to the destination.

As this is a deep dive site, it is only suitable for experienced divers. Over the years, there have been a handful of dive accidents. As the wreck is deep and penetrable, it has became many Technical Divers favorite playground. Even though the dive operator will first attached a decent line, sometimes we experienced fierce current which made the dive strenuous and dangerous. 

Good thing is the visibility here is usually good at the average of 20m. As we decent we will first see the funnel which is covered by gorgeous soft corals, carpeted by anthias and batfish. Recreational divers can explore the superstructure area, some easy swim through and penetrations. In the month of April and October, it is common to sight mantas and whale sharks here. I saw my first and few mantas here. :-)

Travel date : 18th - 19th Oct 2003
Travel route : Singapore -B-> 7 Skies Wreck
Accommodation : LOB - MV Whitemanta (
Type of diving : Wreck
Water temperature : 28-30°C year round
Best time to dive : April, September and October is best for mantas and whale sharks sighting

-F-> Flight -B-> Boat

Photos of the trip

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